Thursday 29 October 2009

a tiny little peak...

at my folksy competition piece. it's sort of a backwards step in the direction of my old work by the fact it's a collage-style art piece/mini quilt, but hopefully with the addition of screenprinted pieces, it's a positive step (maybe sideways?) if you see what i mean.

just to remind you of the competition rues; it's to create a new 'something' (anything you like basically) using charity shop finds. because i have a brain like a sieve i forgot to take pictures of my 'before' items, but they included a roll of vintage paper (£1) a box of embroidered hankies (£1) some assorted linen embroidered tray cloths (£1.50) an old book (80p.)

it's not finished yet, but i've had a really productive couple of days, dyeing, painting, screenprinting, over dyeing, blockprinting, cutting, reassembling, sewing...just the ticket. all this and the kids on half term too, good gracious!