Wednesday 2 December 2009


yesterday was spent frantically knocking up an advent calendar for the boys (last minute, moi?)...i eventually came up with this 'tree' made from stuff i had kicking about. the background is a large piece of cardboard covered in wrapping paper, i used little wages envelopes i had in my stash (i love office supply stuff...) as a place to hide the treats. i printed out the numbers using different fonts in red ink and used a scalloped circle paper punch in two sizes to make them look pretty with some ikea wrapping paper. finally i filled the envelopes with choccies and pinned them up in a tree shape using dressmakers pins. there are a thousand different things that would improve this - little pegs glued onto the background to hold the treats instead of pins that might prick little fingers being one of them. however, for a really quick and easy solution this works well - and it works on two levels: the boys think it rocks (but then it has chocolate in it, i bet they don't really give a shite about how it looks...) and i think it looks funky yet tasteful, which is all you could ask for in an advent calendar, surely?


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nickynackynoo said...

Looks great, and you're right, it's all about the chocolate for them. Hopefully later in life they'll be thankful for a mum who has such great stuff just kicking about and the taste to put it together so stylishly.

Flora said...

I think you should do some for your shops next year - it looks totally brilliant.

Kella said...

Hi just stumbled upon your blog and fell in love with your last minute knocked up advent calender, I also made mine on the 1st of Dec, here is a link to it-

I have to agree with the comment left by Flora May, you should knock up one for your shop next year, I made one earlier for my little blogshop but unfortunately it didn't sell, never mind it'll keep till next Christmas listings.

Anyway off to visit more of your blog, wishing you a Merry Christmas Season.

Unknown said...

love your calendar!