Tuesday 23 March 2010


this little bunny was made yesterday - i had an urge to make something frivolous even though i'd got a ton of other stuff to do! so i searched the internet for some tutorials but i can't say i was ever so excited about any of them - i knew in my head what i wanted so i drafted out my own simple pattern and just had a go - no real idea what i was doing, i simply made it up as i went along, remembering the techniques i used when i made little angel dolls years ago. he turned out pretty well - i'm especially happy with his ears, although the next one i make will have them closer together...i'm also not thrilled with how his head/shoulders are, they need tweaking too. but for a 'blind' project it went pretty well. i've got a host of little people to make some easter gifts for, i think more of these will feature heavily. but this little bloke is going to live in my studio, he's already made that jug his home...if you want your own fabulous little bunny, check out wonderful manda's etsy shop.