Monday 12 April 2010


sometimes it takes a few days away to gather up inspiration for new work...we've been to london for a couple of nights visiting my brother - before i left i had a day tidying my studio. i've been feeling decidedly 'bleugh!' whenever i tried to sit down and do something new lately. a tidy room to work in meant that when we got home yesterday, i was able to get on without having to shove all the crap out of the way before getting was such a relief!
while i enjoy printing my summersville stuff, it's all abit same-y - i'd fogotten what it's like to have no objective in mind other than to just 'do'. this is the type of work i used to do at art college and it was lovely to get back some of that freedom.
this piece has been painted, stencilled, bleached and screenprinted...the downside to all these processes is that the fabric has a stiffer 'handle' than usual so is only really suitable for framing/stretching like a canvas, or being used in an art quilt - for which i prefer a more 'papery' fabric anyway. what say you?


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Tanya said...

It's wonderful, I would love them on my walls!

Liz said...

Ditto, I absolutely love this! But I suppose if you wanted to try it out using thickened fabric dyes and discharge you could use that as your next experiment!

Jesse said...

Gorgeous! It would make splendid upholstery!

Unknown said...

I say beautiful!!

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