Friday 7 May 2010


i haven't really got an idle 5 minutes these days what with sewing like a maniac to get this done...but everyone deserves a break, don't they? and so i spent a happy little while having a little nose around the websphere....where i happened upon the fact that the spoonflower blog has announced that one of the upcoming fabric of the week contests is '1950's' with a restricted palette. luvly jubbly thought i! that sounds right up my after a little play on photoshop elements i transformed the above line drawing into little repeat patterns. now, i'm a real beginner here, so they're probably a bit rough around the edges... the 'fabric of the week' contests are voted for by the public - the contest has only just opened so you can't vote now...but if i give you the nod d'ya reckon you could do me the honour? (only if you felt me worthy enough of course) i'd be so grateful :) it's the blue version i've actually entered - but i liked the little dandelion head shape in the black 'bowl' in the red one, so i added that later.
on a different note, i didn't say thank you to those who left birthday wishes - how very rude and remiss of me! many, many deep felt thanks to you all xxx