Tuesday 4 May 2010

cable & cotton...

i had an etsy convo from a lovely lady called zoe a while back and she rather handily included her website address at the bottom of the message...intrigued by the name 'cable & cotton' and because i'm nosy by nature, i went and had a little lookie...and oh my lordy, what an *amazing* site! it's so professional and slick, well laid out and totally inspiring. cable and cotton's delicious baubles are like a twist on the conventional string of fairy lights - each little bulb (available on strings of 20 or 35) is surrounded by a little cotton 'ball', just smaller than a tennis ball, which has a lovely open weave for the light to shine through. you can choose from a beautiful selection of ready-put-together colour schemes (click here) or click here to choose your own - do take a look and play with the page, it's genius! and the bestest bit? they're not crazily priced - £20 for a twenty ball string, or £30 for a thirty-five ball string, (postage is a flat rate of £2.95, free for orders over £40) so are perfect for gifts - for kid's rooms of all ages, in the living room, for parties, weddings, draped over the dinner table, the list is actually pretty endless...and the site has got some *beautiful* product life style-y shots for inspiration, i could spend all day drooling!
i had a wonderful 20 minutes playing with the 'customise' page before ordering my set - the lights came within a few days and were beautifully packaged - you have to spend a few minutes popping the balls over the lights, which is quick and simple and comes with very good instructions, and you can also arrange the colours exactly how you want them. i bought a super-cheap (£2.50 from a florists) glass tube to display my lights in my living room - the see-through power cable comes out of the bottom and into a socket. when it's getting dark the lights have such a lovely glow, warm and inviting...i'd like to buy sets for every room of the house :) thanks zoe for your message, i'm glad to have found you!