Friday 6 August 2010

new print!

new print!, originally uploaded by lusummers.

this is so new, it's still wet in the photograph!

i had a funny ol' day yesterday trying to make my own screen. everything i did was a disaster, nothing worked, although i kept at it...then late last night i gave it one last try, but couldn't test it out because the screen needed to dry...i filled in the pinholes this morning and finally got to print! this is actually my first 'handmade' screen - meaning i didn't send it off to be exposed. i simply used a blank screen and some paint to make a waterproof stencil design. it's pretty time consuming, but SO worth it! it wouldn't be a brilliant technique for very detailed work though, as you have to paint several layers, so it's best to be organic and bold for the best results i reckon.
this won't be my last handmade screen...i think this will be called 'loops'...

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lej619 said...

cool ithink it would be really neat to do this. But I can not take on another new project. !!LOL