Monday 4 October 2010

a flower on top

flower, originally uploaded by lusummers.

so, the block from the previous post has had a makeover (not so many seams, you can't see in this pic) and has a flower on top. it's not perfect (all those little points were a bugger) but it's a work in progress. after all, rome wasn't built in a day was it?
i did have an epiphany about what to do with this - i think a *big* project is brewing...i need to work out some specifics i think before i share...i know what i'm like - i do an announcement, 'i'm gonna do this that and the other' and then it never happens. so i'll keep it under my hat for a while i think...


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Anonymous said...

Wow--this is INCREDIBLE. Fantastic!!

louise35flower said...

Went to the Knitting & Stitching Show today and just had to let you know how blown away we were by your amazing quilt. Totally in awe! Belated congratulations to you and your Mum. This new one looks equally amazing!