Tuesday 9 November 2010

it's all gone metallic...

variety packs, originally uploaded by lusummers.

as promised, i've overdosed on the whole metallic shimmery glittery vibe of gold, silver and copper ink and printed up some variety packs on white cotton. and i've got to say, i'm very happy with how they've turned out! i'm all inspired to come up with some new christmas ideas...wouldn't these be nice as mini bunting? or used in making christmas cards? or little stuffed hearts and stars? ohhhh....the possibilities are literally endless...available in the shop!


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monkeemoomoo said...

I don't know how I have never discovered your lovely blog and shop before now!

I'll be back to check our your etsy shop when I have more time. Such beautiful designs.

Highland Monkey's said...

Little stuffed hearts sound good to me!

Ambrosia said...

ha! i just figured out how to comment on your blog minus being a blogspotter open ID-er etc etc, have been meaning to for a while, i think you are hilarious and it doesn't hurt that your birthday is the same as the big clown in my life... coincidence?

my cat blogs too... http://narnia.posterous.com -come by : )