Friday 26 November 2010

now you see it... begins on renovations (phase 2.) today the kitchen wall came down, revealing our new dining space, complete with newly installed french doors at the end. it was sad saying goodbye to the wallpaper, but not too disappointing as it's in the lounge too! behind where i'm taking the photo (i'm about halfway in the kitchen in these shots) is another set of doors into the garden. we measured the space from door to door and it is 40 feet long. ye gads! 40 feet! it's fantastic because we are practically all open plan now downstairs except the current studio (which will be sam's farm office) and the original old kitchen (which will be the new studio, where we sam found the old quarry tiles beneath two layers old crappy flooring)
through the larger archway is the playroom, or will be once it's been finished. we've chosen the new wooden flooring, and are hoping to be semi finished in time for christmas, but i'm not holding my breath. through the smaller archway is the hallway - at present home to some lonesome pieces of furniture. i'm collecting an assortment of charity shop mirrors to display in the hallway to make it feel a bit bigger. haha, how greedy am i? we've got great proportioned rooms in this house and all i can do is grumble about the hallway! one of these days i'll do a tour of the house, but it's such a shit hole at the moment. i'll do it when i've had a tidy, sorted out curtains and blinds and the thousands of other never ending jobs there tends to be with an old house...(did somebody say money pit???) after two years of living here, i'm getting all excited again...

{top photo shows kitchen wall...bottom one, after it came down}


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Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Wow, that is exciting! I want to do similar because we have no dining room at all- but it will take breaking down 2 walls and losing a bedroom (my office) to make it all work right. However, you're inspiring me.

Jan said...

Look at all that room & light - aaaahhhh!!! Husband and I just had a convo last week about which walls were going to come down in our 100 y.o. house - def the one btw DR and kitchen! Can't wait to open it up!! Thanks for the inspiration! said...

the arches are everywhere!? LOVELY!
when I can I move in? hehehe

~Monika in Canada
quiltmaker, fibre artist