Thursday 16 December 2010

christmas mantel

christmas mantel, originally uploaded by lusummers.

i've given up trying to get any more shots of the decorations in the house. the weather is lousy and the darkness is just depressing. i'm typing this at 9am and it's not fully light yet. urgh. can't bear it. BUT as you can see, red and white decorations abound...i will try to get a nice shot of our real tree - the first one we've had in a long time (i prefer white twig-like trees but couldn't find a nice one after our fabulous one of at least 8 years died a pathetic death last year with it's branches being sellotaped together)
what colour combo have you gone for this year? i'm afraid i never get past red and white, it's just so perfect for this house!

this is for the decoration nerds out there...

the red straw wreath was from ikea last year, as was the red lantern. the tealight holders are from casa shopping about 5 years ago, the red acrylic trees are muji. the cut out grey trees (they don't show up very well in this photo) are from blackthorpe barn in rougham and the little red bird in the middle of the wreath was brought back from portugal and was a gift from my mum.


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Unknown said...

ah, we have the same wreath but on our front door!!

With kids... I'm afraid a colour scheme has gone out of the window... anything goes. (no tinsel though. I put my food down there.)

Unknown said...

Perfect! love the laser cut trees. Kx

Jessica said...

Beautiful - the red works so well with the gold and cream of your mantle piece. I'm not organised enough to have a colour scheme - in fact I'm only half way through getting our decorations up!

silverpebble said...

Oof. Chic! Hmm, did you get that white cut-out tree from Blackthorpe Barn? I eyed those I did.