Wednesday 5 January 2011

better late than never

pincushions..., originally uploaded by lusummers.

happy new year!

well, what a funny ol' christmas. usually i get all festive during christmas week, wrapping presents in front of rubbish movies, listening to bad christmas songs and general red cheeked excitement. but this year we all had the flu - frank fell ill the day the boys broke up for christmas, then one by one we all succumbed. it was truly the most awful illness i can ever remember having. and it pretty much wiped out christmas - i will never forget the smell of the turkey as it cooked, urg! the upside was i lost a ton of weight. but it's all gone back on and more as i rediscovered the shortbread biscuit tin. opps. anyway, we are all pretty much back to normal, but completely wiped out, hence the tardiness of this post.

i've got lots of projects in the pipeline for this year, and my resolution is 'stop fucking about and GET ON WITH IT'. this is the year i actually get my finger out and stop fannying around. i've already had some projects accepted this year into quilting art's new book '101 patchwork projects' which is exciting - the above pic is a sneak peek into one of the projects, some little stripy pincushions.

another little side project is to try and loosen up a little and make some more paper collages. you might remember last year's attempt - summersville sketch- which of course on reflection was far too ambitious and i fell at the first hurdle. so i'm not making any rules with this - just making a small piece of work as and when. i'm working on some old worktop samples, they're a nice size with rounded corners, lovely to work on. so keep your eyes peeled, i'll be posting my progress...


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silverpebble said...

Happy Blu Year! Bl**dy 'flu - my other half had it and boy, was he ill. So sorry Christmas was a wash out. Shortbread is the way forward.

Lizzet said...

happy new year to you too :)
looking forward to see more of your projects that you have for this year! xx