Monday 11 April 2011

another design...

i'm so sorry about this. i'm getting boring aren't i? i don't blog in like, forever, then when i do i'm all: look at this design, vote for me! - i show you new items, and they don't turn up (i'm talking about my mugs...apparently, due the end of the week. but honestly? they'll be here when they're here.)
so anyway, look at this design, vote for me!
you'll have to pretty bored to do so mind, there are 23, yes twenty three pages of designs to trawl through. you might be lucky and i'll be on page one. the likelihood is i'll be on page 22...anyway it's the spoonflower 'rain' design competition and i've entered 'droplets' above. and if you manage to vote? i will be forever grateful, thank you. oh, and speaking of thank you, a big big massive smacker on the lips to those of you who voted for me in the project selvage competition, i sadly didn't make it, but hey ho...i'm bound to have a shed load of stuff for you to vote for in the future ;)