Tuesday 19 July 2011

painted pages...

so, ages ago an exciting email popped into my inbox from the extraordinarily talented sarah ahearn. we became friends a while ago when i stumbled onto her flickr photostream and was completely blown away by artwork - her imagery and colours just resonated completely with me.

fast forward a few years, and the email from sarah was asking me to contribute in a small way to her new book, painted pages. well, of course i jumped at the chance and a few weeks ago, i received this beautiful book in the post. and it's truly truly beautiful. jam packed full of inspiration, ideas for techniques, exercises, peeks into other people's sketchbooks (as well as sarah's) all interspersed with gorgeous photographs and images of sarah's artwork. sarah cleverly combines collage techniques with painting resulting in work that's bursting with colour and personality. the bonus with this book is that it's both coffee table book and workbook - there's enough eye-candy to satisfy a quick flick through while relaxing with a cup of tea but it also warrants proper consideration to provide inspiration for your own work. it's a keeper. check it out.

oh, and for those who care, my doodles are in the third image down :)