Wednesday 27 July 2011


it's all about books at the moment isn't it? the latest one i've got is a self published title by a good friend of mine, textile artist and quilt maker yvonne brown. i went to visit her a week ago in her brand new eco home and i tell you, i swooned. seriously beautiful, with a little gallery as you walk in the front door and a studio to die for. i'm already planning on all sort of fun days with her making a mess and creating some interesting pieces of work. she's full of information - tons of enthusiasm and ideas and i always have a lovely time gossiping, drinking tea and eating biscuits when i visit.

she excitedly showed me her latest project, her new book called tex-tiles and other treasures: using medieval tiles and stonework, is influenced (obviously!) by the arts and crafts of the medieval period. from her website:

Yvonne Brown creates beautiful fabric art inspired by the arts and crafts of the medieval period. But how are her pieces made? And what techniques does she use to recreate not only her sources, but the effects that time has had on them?

Using Medieval tiles and stonework is the first in a series of books describing just how Yvonne produces the fabric art and embroideries that have made her well-known all over the world.


well done yvonne, it's a beautiful book! for more details and to browse her fantastic body of work, visit yvonne's website

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