Friday 19 August 2011

special offer...

now it's nearly back to school time, i thought i'd have a little special offer on my felt, i've dropped the price from £14 to just £7! there are only one of each colour left, but lots of designs, all the favourites, scandi, totem, weave, avenue, twist & alphabetty and also some in my plantlife design. i'll be adding more this evening. if you want more than one i'm happy to do an even better deal of £12 for the get shopping - and remember, once they're gone, that's it! gone forever and ever and ever. you get my point. if you want to take advantage of the offer, email me! luciesummers{at}yahoo{dot}co{dot}uk. click here to go to the 'write' section of my shop.

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silverpebble said...

My order was hanging there in mid air - poised for the last click. Then all hell broke loose with a squabble about some ribbons and a monkey. Four hours later it's finally completed.