Thursday 8 September 2011

feelin' fringey

i'm not sure what's going on at the moment, blogging wise. i've gone from a post a day to one a week practically. sorry. must try harder. what's going on? well, lots of exciting things to come, i'm waiting for the postman to deliver some stuff you might be interested secretive! but once it arrives then it's going to be *crazy* and you'll be pig sick of me droning on about the same thing at every post. so i'm warning you in advance.
i leave you today with a 'new me' may recall after a lot of soul searching and kerfuffle i finally got my hair cut a while back - i've let it grow out a little to length i like more, but i decided to have a fringe (bangs) cut. i was a little apprehensive, i'll admit. the last time i had a fringe, it was at least 25 years ago and jason donovan was top of the charts. having announced this on twitter this morning i got masses of support - i have now discovered fringes are good for the following: hiding unruly eyebrows (yup, got them in abundance) hiding spots, hiding 'creases', (always creases, never wrinkles) looking younger (debatable in my case) and i now have to master the fine art of washing a greasy fringe only when short in time...who knew?


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lamina@do a bit said...

Your bangs look gorgeous!!! Looking forward to seeing what comes in the post... very intriguing :)

noknittedknickers said...

Just found you through Etsy. I'm about to move to Aldeburgh, so am looking forward to seeing more of your lovely things closer to home. (BTW, love the fringe...). Claire

Anonymous said...

What a lovely fringe!