Thursday, 17 November 2011

everyone's a winner baby...*

*that's a lie actually

i had a lot of fun reading all your comments, and what a lucky bunch you are! from finding cool stuff on the street, to winning the most spectacular of vacations and the humblest of fat quarters, and just about everything else in between!

the winners have been picked by the random generator, and the first name out of the hat was leigh, who commented:

I won a rocking chair when I was about 10. From what I remember it was pretty grim. I've no idea what happened to it. If I had it now I would definitely re-cover it with some fab fabric! Leigh x

the runners up, each winning a summersville needlecase were:

justine, who said:

My best free thing ever is a £100 voucher towards a holiday that I won on a blog giveaway!! Second to that are the fabric freebies my friends are kind enough to share ;)

clara, who said:

My best free thing ever is my woodburning stove....wherever would i be without it???? (bed probably)

and lastly, aubrey, who said:

The best free thing I've scored is a beautiful framed painting from the 1920's from my friend's mother who works at a thrift store. Behind the matte board I found an entire paper from that era. Quite fascinating! 

i've sent emails to all the winners to get their addresses...should anything go awry or they don't reply to the emails, i will pick new winners.

many many thanks to all who entered! i'm pretty sure there will be more giveaways in the near future...maybe one of a summersville moda fabric persuasion...who knows? oh, and moda took pity on me and sent me some more scrap of summersville - this is the first time i've seen the entire collection together, so i was pretty excited when the care package dropped through the door!