Monday 23 January 2012

epp! nearly 2 weeks?

i'm so sorry! that to do list was a long one, but it got done. and of course, another started! still lots to do, but i couldn't resist popping in to post a picture of this super cute table cloth by elling design i found in the charity shop today for a mere £1.50. it was One Of Those Moments, that only a thrifter would truly appreciate. i'm talking The Sweaty Palmed Purchase. charity shop fiends, you know what i'm talking about.

as an aside, i've tried googling 'elling design' and have come up with a 2 table cloths exactly like this in different colours sold on etsy, but nothing else...? i know elling is in denmark so perhaps it's just a souvenir piece made and sold for the tourist trade? whatever, it's so cute, i just love it.