Tuesday, 3 January 2012

taking a punt

i don't buy that much on the evil E but i do an awful lot of browsing...i often type in 'vintage wallpaper' but it seems that too many sellers are too savvy to let things go too cheaply these days. i like finding the person who's just cleared out their nan's attic and dumped everything on ebay just to get rid of it at any price...and i totally found one such person with this wallpaper - a dodgy blurred picture was all that gave a clue to the pattern, but it was blue, and i was looking for blue...and for 99p, could i go wrong? admittedly with p&p it was a little bit more, but i was in a 'what the hell mood'. so i took a punt and it's better than i hoped! a perfect blue to go with my new blue cabinet doors in the studio, and just the right shade of slightly grim mustard to prove it's proper vintage ;) now to decide if there's enough for the wall i want to paper or if i want to down the patchwork wallpaper wall look, seen here. not too sure yet. in the meantime i shall stroke my new purchase.