Wednesday 2 May 2012

a little project...

...and a jolly satisfying one at that - it involves a bit of colouring in, a tired mousemat, a small piece of coated oilcloth type fabric, some strong spray glue (or PVA would work too) & you've got a brilliant new computing accessory.

i used a variety of permanent pens by sharpie in lots of different colours. i also left the coated fabric to dry for a few hours so i didn't smudge it, but to be honest i'm not sure it needed it, but it's hard to get the smudges off the cloth if you do have an accident. once i had glued the fabric to the mouse mat, i also put it under something heavy until it was completely dry so it was nice and flat. i'll be honest, i'm not sure whether the colour will fade over time, but for now, it's nice and bright and cheery!

i've got some coated summersville in 4 designs and 2 colours (weave and scandi in seafoam & weave and alphabetty in coal, just shout if you'd like some, i'm hoping to get some in the shop asap. done!

nice design, just grubby and tired (& tea stained!)
nice and new!