Wednesday 7 November 2012

BIG SALE & a few changes

if you've been wanting to buy some summersville but not got around to it, now's the time because
as promised, i've got my moda fabric on's taking up space in my studio and it needs to get instead of £12 a metre, it's down to £7.50 which is a really brilliant saving. i'm selling it by the half metre unit at £3.75 so to buy metres you need to add the appropriate amount of units in to the basket, for example 3 units will get you 1.5 metres. hope that makes sense. i'm not selling single fat quarters in the sale, but i am offering 4 for £7.50 in this listing here.

to shop in the rest of the sale, take a look
right here!

i've also had a mega tidy up of the hand printed designs - instead of having lots of different listings for the same design in different colours, there's just one listing. etsy has kindly created a new feature that lets the customer choose from different options before adding items to their carts, which makes for a lovely clean looking shop, yahoo!

i've also got lots of lovely mugs to list but will have to wait until tomorrow - curse these damned dark evenings!

so the moral of this blog post is, go forth and spend some guilt free money :)


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Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Oooh exciting! I need some new mugs so will wait till tomorrow, and then treat myself to lots of early Christmas presents!

Cheryl Arkison said...

If I order something can I ask you a HUGE favour? Would you be willing to pack it up with something else and ship it to me? Long story that I should email you about...

lu summers said...

Have you got me email Cheryl? If not ill dm you it

Anonymous said...

Just going to check out your sale fabrics. I've been admiring your designs for a while and so what better time to get some than when on a special. I think they'd look great for some bags and accessories that I make. I'm just reading your feature in Sewing World at the moment. Looks great and very inspiring. Well done to you, keep up the good work.