Wednesday 3 July 2013


...what you find hidden away...1 jelly roll & 2 charms packs. up for grabs in the etsy shop as usual! i promise normal service will be resumed soon & i won't just be dive-bombing you with stuff for sale.

i spent today printing up my newish 'formica' design, it's been so long since i did any printing and i was a bit kak handed - dropped a huge tub of black ink everywhere, what a nightmare to clear up. never mind tho, the print sesh ended well - lots of lovely colours! back soon!

charm pack

jelly roll

'formica' (with my lovely sunnies & case!)


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Jo Jo said...

Your formica print is to die for! Love it!

Paravent said...

Wow! I love this design Lu :) Shame about the floor though it could actually look quite cool having a splatter painted floor ;) Kx