Friday 3 January 2014

first post

christmas & new year is a funny time. i like the break from getting up early & the school run, the close of after school activities & helping with homework. i like the fact that sam is less busy so we can make time for family things. after spending good times with family over christmas, we usually dislike the 'nothingness' of the week after, so this year sam & i decided to fill that wee with fun stuff. so we've been to manchester & taken arthur to see his heros play at manchester city for the first time. we've been to ipswich to see frank's heros play in the pouring rain (not for the first time, ipswich is obviously nice & close!)  {non-UKers - i'm talking about football but i'm sorry, i can't bring myself to call it the 's' word!} we went to the cinema to watch the secret life of walter mitty - i was worried the boys wouldn't enjoy this, but they loved it. we've been out for lunches & dinners & laughed & snuggled & watched movies in front of the fire. & for the first time EVER, i've enjoyed that crappy week between christmas & new year. i hope that it's a taste of things to come for 2014.

the image above was a happy find on new years day - i found it whilst thumbing through a 1936 edition
of 'whitaker's almanack' that i rescued from the skip after sam's gran died. the verse inside is rather sweet:

The old year has passed with its pleasure and pain,
A new year is coming to start a new reign.
So in the first moments, a wish i will speed,
May health, wealth and happiness, be yours indeed.

happy new year to you & yours, folks!


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memmens said...

Sounds like good fun, even the football! I love the week between the two, the children play (sometimes nicely) and I get to mooch around sewing! Here's to a great 2014.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Bugger the football, but the rest sounds fab. Happy New Year xxx

Rafael's Mum said...

Happy New Year Lu xx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! :)

Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

I 'm with you, after Boxing Day I'm done! We went away for Christmas this year which was much nicer. We came home feeling fresh and like we wanted to be home and laze about. Happy new year! X

Mari Patisserie said...

I bought ur book on my recent vacations in UK and im so glad i did...i think is very creative and inspiring...
Thanks for sharing ur ideas.
Cheers from Saudi Arabia..
Mari Perry.

Sarah said...

I view the week between Christmas and New Year as a bonus week. The week I forgot about in the rush towards Christmas. Usually I get all sorts of jobs done, like a good clean up and chuck out. This year we went away and did things with the kids like movies. By the way, it's soccer! From an Aussie!