Wednesday 15 January 2014


if i had a £1 every time i had an email/message/comment over the years asking me how to make portholes, i'd be ohhhhh, about £10 richer. and i would have written a tutorial ages ago
for this blog but i'm lazy. then F&W asked me to write 'quilt improv' & i had to write the tutorial anyway. so i thought as a reward for hopping around the blogsphere just because i asked you to, i thought you'd like to see the tutorial from the book. because i'm lazy & working my scanner is a lot quicker & easier than doing the tute all over again. i hope all 10 of you enjoy.

note: this is the super basic version of portholes - you can make any shape & any size, even layer them up if you like. use your imagination, there's TONS of scope for amazing things here.

click on the picture to make it bigger. sorry the quality is not amazing, i had to up the contrast so it was readable, but it makes the page a little mucky. & clearly my scanner glass needs cleaning.

layered porthole
flowers & leaves


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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ten! Thank you thank you!

Sherri said...

Your book looks amazing...and of course I love your fabrics!

bc said...

Thank you Lu
from No. 8

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Do you have to pay yourself copyright for that!?

Patricia Lessell said...

Thank you so much for this Lu. Btw i love your book and shall be using it when I get back from the States.

salamanda said...

Thank you very much, very clear instructions

diegoagogo said...

OMG!! I LOVE you for posting this!! I have missed out on learning this from you at FQR twice now & felt completely ripped off.
I must get my arse into gear & get your book. Let's all prey to the business gods to ensure turning a profit this year & watch me spend it all on fabric & books!! (insert maniacal laughter here)
Lush x

elizabeth said...

Just 'discovered' you through the blog hops :) What a wonderful talent you have :) Thank you for sharing!