Monday 13 January 2014

sew justine sew

it's my mate justine's turn on the blog hop today, i'm dying to find out what nice things she's written about me (i'm joking, i'm telling you - if she doesn't like this book, she'll say it how it is - she's a straight talking northerner!) go & see what she makes of all this improv malarkey right HERE.


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S Staum said...

Hi, Lucie, I am the winner from Justine's blog and am thrilled that my copy has already arrived in the mail!!! I read it almost from cover to cover last night and it is even more wonderful that I had anticipated!! So excited to get going! I have so enjoyed improv quilting but by all means am a beginner with lots to learn and try.
Thank you so much! I will be sharing my excitement about this book with the members of our Lake Superior Modern Quilt Guild which meets in Duluth, Minnesota!

S Staum said...
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