Thursday, 28 June 2007


hmmm...tomorrow i will post a pic of the cleaned workroom, but i've gotta say, although it's tidier, it's still not very practical. i don't have proper storage, only open bookcases, so whatever i do, it's still just rearranging boxes on top of each other. i can't afford anything really smart, so i'll make do for now. i've splashed out on lots of new boxes, but there's nowhere to put them except to stack them on top of one another, and it's sod's law that the things i want are always on the bottom! oh well, it's a make do and mend solution, but at least i can actually walk from one end to the other without breaking my leg. it doesn't help that there are six boxes full of bits of kitchen waiting for my handy man neil to come over and install. yay - at last there will be somewhere for my kitchen crap to live!

as i've not been working in my so called 'studio' (in reality the back room) as the big clean up operation has been occurring, i've been doing some doodles on graph paper. i love doing this, just me, a crisp new pad of paper, a black pen, a bag of crisps and 'cold case' and 'bones' (sealy booth = gerrowl!) on the telly. bloomin' perfect. oh crikey, i really am a loser. the above is a doodle-in-progress. bye for now, i'm off to loserville.

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