Tuesday, 26 June 2007

floral lino prints

hello all, hope you're doin' well. big happenings with my workspace; i have had a large redundant cabinet removed, but sadly everywhere is more of a mess cos of course i had to empty the darn thing. so it's all over the floor...you can imagine. but at least something proactive has happened, which is often half the battle. while all this excitement was going on, i made a couple of lino prints. i'm rather pleased with them. may use them for more journal/sketchbook making. will post results when i have a lovely clean, clear workroom! sometime next year then........ ;)


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Ali said...

Oh my God - I'd never post anything if I had to wait till the house was clean!

Saw your lovely prints over at Flickr and stopped by to say hi.

ellen said...

Your work room rivals mine. I haven't worked in it because I can barely walk in it. I keep saying, "Today is the day I clean it up." The Todays have turned into weeks. Pooey!
You have some lovely things on your blog.

lusummers said...

hello ellen, thanks for stopping by. the workroom situation is worse than the pic now, cos everything that was in or on the cabinet is now piled on the floor. like you, i can barely walk in it. i certainly can't go from one end to the other. But tomorrow is the day! mum's got the boys, so i have NO excuse! ;)