Thursday, 19 July 2007

on sunday i saw a little cat

blacks, greys and creams for this piece today. it went together so nicely, it was a pleasure to do. the 'little cat' in the title is referring to our first ever family pet; she turned up on our doorstep and never left, much to my dad's horror. not a fan of felines on my paternal side - there's a family horror story about a feral cat shut up in a cupboard and my grandmother's aunt's father's second cousin five times removed was very badly wounded when she opened the cupboard door and out sprang the half dead cat. my father has a tendency to exaggerate wildly, (not a trait i have at all, *wink*) so i have always treated that story with a large dose of skepticism. anyway, we called the little cat 'diana' - and guess what? it was 1981 and charlie and di had just wed, what a bunch of royalists we were. or replace 'royalists' with 'saddos', whichever you prefer.

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