Wednesday, 18 July 2007

once upon a time i found a key

this is nahcotta number four - a little yellow offering of which i am quite pleased. yellow is not a colour i use often, so i went out of my comfort zone, and i'm so pleased i did. as with the other paper quilts in this series, it is based on a piece of writing from my 25 year old school books (clue in the title on what the story is about!) and i have a tiny vintage key with two rather handy holes in to stitch on after it's bound. hope your day is as happy and sunny as mine has been today, i'm feeling smug because not only have i quilted all the quilts so far, i've stuck a casserole in the oven and i've got two happy kids playing in the garden. life is good. (as i write this i can hear arthur, you do NOT hit! it's naughty. mummy, arth's hitting me...better go.)

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Jan said...

This piece is lovely! Do you sell your work? I've just stumbled onto your post by clicking idea how I ended up here but I'm happy I did!