Monday, 16 July 2007

the other things that have caught my eye...

no pics today, have done nothing (well, actually i cleaned the house like a maniac, i even dusted my lampshades. yes, you read that correctly, my lampshades. they were foul.) at all today. i also explored etsy, which was a lovely indulgence and i thought i'd share my finds with you, and perhaps show you some clever little peeps wth some clever little products you might not have seen before. (and some you've probably seen alot.)
first up, kalliART's 'rolling waves cards,' absolutely beautiful and very handy to have around the house for forgotten birthdays and totally unisex. gorgeous.
next, this company has been on a billion blogs, but for good reason. the green chair press shop is so yummy, especially the type and text prints.
remake is a brilliant find. all of their paper goods are made from recycled and salvaged paper and envelopes. especially great are the envelope covered notebooks for just $6, and the terrific screen printed decorative labels for just $5 for 12. really unique and for five bucks, who can say fairer than that, eh?
last but by no means least, linea carta's shop is lovely, in particular the 'take a walk' gocco printed notebook. yum, yum, yum.
so, my loyal band, there you have it, a few of my etsy favourites that may persuade me to part with some hard earned moolah.
right, can't decide whether to scoff the open pack of dairy fudge that's in the cupboard or whether to make myself a cup 'o tea. i think it had better be the latter, it's weightwatcher's tomorrow. oh bugger. how many calories are in an enormous bag of fudge anyway? who the hell put temptation in my path? (not looking at my husband at all) actually, random question, why is it that men can have few of something i.e. fudge sweets and then forget about them, where as i sit there and can feel the damn things calling me through two walls?

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Liv said...

I did lampshades on Monday too! Also took up an old carpet, cleaned up the boards underneath and rearranged my bedroom - phew! Thankfully I then had a new mattress delivered and had a l'il snooze! You truly are my one and only commentator - thought I'd drop by and actually leave a proper comment over here for a change! x