Sunday, 15 July 2007


i promised myself no working this weekend but that went to pot when i had an unexpected saturday morning to myself. i spent the time making a wedding sampler for a commission. then today i had an hour or so and made this little fella. he is a twist on one i noticed on the how about orange blog but that one is made with a bottle top which are tiny. i wanted a larger one like the one i made before (right here) i had a eureka moment in the bath this morning (the kids have got ladybird sponges, so I suppose it wasn't really a eureka moment) and decided to have go at a ladybird one. he's turned out rather well. he is made from a yogurt pot, has a black leather base, red silk body, has little red ties on his bum, and two yellow pins for his feelers. the eyes are french knots and his mouth a version of a 'y' stitch. he's had the frank test:
me: "what do you think this is, frank?"
frank: "a ladybird pincushion, of course mummy!" phew.
i hope y'all have had a great weekend!

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