Sunday, 8 July 2007


i was looking through an old photo album on my laptop and found a pic of an old(ish) 12" piece i made for an exhibition at a museum in bury st. edmunds. this was the first small quilt i'd ever made and it was a 'challenge' piece for me and the members of the art quilt group i belong to - we all had to make a piece of work on the theme 'nature' (something i did not find hard, considering my obsession with leaves and flowers) and it's really this piece that began my current fixation with working to a 12" format. this actually sold at the exhibition for £75 (quite a princely sum for a few years ago) - a price i put on to put someone off because i wanted to keep it! ha, that'll teach me! i'd forgotten i'd taken this pic and i'm thrilled i found it, at the risk of sounding like a saddo, it was like seeing an old friend. actually, it was nothing like that, but i was quite chuffed all the same.
the sun has finally arrived this summer, but rest assured it's meant to pour all day tomorrow. thank goodness for that, 'cos god forbid we haven't had enough rain this season. (that was sarcasm, by the way) well folks, hope you had a top banana weekend and i expect i'll report back sometime tomorrow. bye for now!

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