Monday, 9 July 2007

watering the garden, little boy style

no work today, just sunning myself in the garden and laughing with my two boys. (arthur on the left, frank on the right.) football and hide and seek are the names of the games today, although once you've hidden in the veg patch and behind the shed you've pretty much exhausted all hiding options. no matter, we're having fun. we've just stopped for a half time biccy, drink and a pee in the bushes. (not me, obviously, that would be just wrong.)

i hope you are enjoying your day whatever the weather in your part of the world, i'll be back tomorrow with some fascinating tidbit of rubbish, i'm sure. cheers, folks!

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joanne said...

i would love to be sunning myself in the garden - but its a bit miserable here and I would be just watching a dog wee in the garden - not quite the same !!!!!