Friday, 7 September 2007

i love a happy customer

i can now officially post the above pic, the cloak and dagger stuff is no more because my customer, the lovely dom, couldn't wait to give this to his partner, the equally lovely julie, for christmas which was the original plan. i received a really happy email from julie yesterday, so thank goodness, she loves it. it's all about their little girl luella and includes all sorts of things that she loves, like elephants and ducks, a swing and a lot of pink! it was such a joy to make. inspiration struck me, of all places, in our local 'pizza express'. they have some gorgeous paintings on the wall there and one had a lollypop tree in it...i scribbled down some ideas on the back of a napkin with those little packs of kid's pencils they give out, bloomin' useful that! it got my little brain whirring with possibilities and the piece went together like a dream. so tell me folks, where is the weirdest place that inspiration has struck you?

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