Saturday, 8 September 2007

i'm trying *really* hard...

not to watch 'xtra factor' and get involved with the total numbnuts who enter this show. (i'm not talking about people who can actually sing, i'm talking about the deluded, deluded people/nutcases who think they have talent) i'm hiding behind my laptop instead and peeping out when i'm feeling brave. hmmm... i could just turn the telly off. oh, i hadn't thought of that.

anyway, the above pic is a wedding sampler in progress...back to the grindstone, i guess. bugger off mr. cowell, you and your showbiz pals are flippin' distracting.


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French Knots said...

Some of them really make you cringe, how can they not know that they just CAN'T sing, I know because my ears work and they tell me my voice is dreadful so I only sing when alone in the car!

Ali said...

Every single year my Hubby says 'I can't believe you are watching this dross' as he settles down next to me. It's compulsive viewing!