Wednesday, 31 October 2007

hello, my friends, hello

ola! i am back from the most wonderful relaxing time staying with friends in portugal, i haven't done a stroke of work and didn't feel guilty at all! i did check my emails everyday though, which was perhaps a bit of a mistake...but i just couldn't help it...the laptop was just there, connected to the internet. it seemed rude not to.

however, i've been home for 4 hours and reality has well and truly hit me. the christmas catalogue was sent out with 'home and gardens' magazine this month and a piece of mine is in it, so the orders have started to come in, i've had nine this week. so, i'd better get on with it i suppose!

oh, thanks to those of you who emailed/convo-d/left me a message to let me know i was on the front page of etsy today, what a lovely homecoming. sadly, i missed it. typical!

nice to be back folks. hope you've all been well and busy, i've missed you.

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greenolive said...

i've missed you. you said a week but it felt like much longer than a week!