Thursday, 1 November 2007

looky here

waaaaaay back in may, i was asked by the editor of 'quilting arts magazine' to come up with a 'how-to' project for a special issue of the magazine to be called 'quilting arts gifts'. it had to be 'inspired by winter and the holiday season'. so i put on my thinking cap and created four sketchbook/journal covers all with a wintery theme, some more obvious than others. anyway, the deadline was early summer (when i was printing some of the fabric with holly leaves, i was thinking to myself, 'what the hell am i doing?' ;) so i sent off the journals and promptly forgot about them until i received a UPS parcel this morning with the returned journals and 3 complimentary issues. the photographs are beautiful...and the magazine in general is full of really gorgeous items. i'm thrilled to be a part of it all, and seeing my work in print is such a rush!