Wednesday 3 October 2007

may sixth

back to my 'prettier' colours with this piece, called 'may sixth' (which coincidentally is my wedding anniversary) up in the shop. i'm sorry this is another shop item today, i had another post planned but i couldn't get the picture right...i've saved it as a draft do it another time.
i've also had a shite afternoon. won't go into details, (she says, but does anyway) i'll say just this: one 2 year old with no nap for two days plus an over-tired 5 year old who has just been told he can't play with his friends because he was utterly horrid to me multiplied by a lightly pissed off husband who had a crappish day at work potato harvesting (and has come home to tepid fish and chips, his wife is ironing instead of cooking) equals a big, big unhappy household. i tell you, sometimes i wish i could shout and scream and stamp my feet and go to bed in a huff. oh wait, that's what i did. (nah, not really ;)


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Francesca said...

yes. i'm dreading my almost 2 year old giving up his nap. and he's started to have proper lying-on-the floor-and-screaming tantrums.

i like a good huff now and again.

Anonymous said...

so why is this called May Sixth then?

Anonymous said...


I know all about those days except I only have one child and not 2!

That piece is lovely!

Z x

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have days like that. In fact, last Sunday was a day like that. I passed out by 9:00 pm, worn out by everyone's bad humor (well, mostly mine and my daughter's). The good news is, the next day is often much better. :-)