Tuesday 3 July 2007

in 'commercial' mode

it just occurred to me to post a few pics of the 'other' creative work i do. i sort of consider these as my day job (except it doesn't pay very much!) i create a range of framed pieces for the home; small box frames like the one pictured here for children's doors and bigger versions (i call them 'samplers') to celebrate births and weddings. i sell them through a site called notonthehighstreet.com and you can look at the other things i do here. i also have a website where i will be selling these and other stuff but it's currently being updated. i will do a post about it when it's up and running. i juggle between doing these and doing what i call my 'arty farty' work, generally the stuff i usually post about, my quilts and drawings and prints. i love doing both things and working to other people's specifications and deadlines is really good for me, it's a great lesson in time management!
the pics from top to bottom are: printing in progress for the backgrounds; i have millions of alphabet beads, but you can never have too many so if anyone knows of any good places to buy them in the uk, all info gratefully received; a door plaque framed and ready to go in the 'spring' colourway; a closeup of a door plaque in 'sunshine' colourway.
hope you enjoy a peek into part of my working day! (the other part is woefully dull; washing, ironing, hoovering, child caring, cooking, feeding, washing up, calorie counting, carting kids about, you get the picture.)

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