Wednesday 4 July 2007

this is the last time, i promise!

i know you're probably sick of these, but i wanted to prove to myself that i can finish projects off! now it's done i have no idea what to do with it. too detailed for a lino print, but maybe i could do sections of it. any suggestions? if only i had a print gocco. *sigh* oh well.


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Unknown said...

Hey cool - they must have been a lot of work. I can imagine they'd be hard to finish off :) Love the little row of houses in the bottom one.

Thanks for delurking and leaving a comment on my blog by the way! I didn't even know about the decor8 post so thanks for telling me!

Take care.

Lara said...

Oh my, thanks for your other comment on my blog! You were totally right about things coming in threes, then!!