Friday 10 August 2007

c'mon, don't be shy...

just to let you know that the competition to win '&A' mini paper quilt will be drawn tomorrow morning around 10am gmt.
i'd like to change the rules slightly (apologies; i wasn't sure how this would go) as i'm getting lots of visitors, but either 1) nobody wants to win this quilt or 2) by specifying the comment content i've scared people off. *i'm kinda hoping it's number 2!* so to be in with a chance of winning just leave a random comment. it could be about your dog, your grandmother, the weather, the state of the planet, or you could just say hello. and if you want to mention anything to do with pricing, that would be cool. happy friday!
many thanks to those who have alredy left a comment, your words have been taken on board and will hopefully help me make a decision! :)


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Anonymous said...

i agree with raspberry - i'd expect to pay £10 - 12, and the exchange rate works well for you here as that's $20 - 24 (note: psychologically speaking, when i'm looking on etsy a 'round' $25 seems so much more than $24 and has been known to make me think twice. bear it in mind).
they're beautiful x

lu summers said...

hi hazeljoy, thanks for your comment, and great tip about the psychological aspect! :)

lu summers said...

just a try out, some people can't leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

Trying again...:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucie

I love your work and I've been lurking about for a little while.

I don't have much to add to what others, especially fibrespace, have already written, except that I'd cheerfully pay 20-30 pounds for a small original artwork by you - well, maybe more actually, if I really liked it - but the exchange rate is so high that would be $40-$60ish which might be a bit much for etsy. So maybe try selling a few for $30 and see how they go? You can always change your prices.

Good luck, and let us know when you open your shop! I feel sure it will be a roaring success.

lu summers said...

thankyou for coming out of lurkdom
tutivillus, you've basically hit the nail on the head...what sounds reasonable in pounds, sounds crazily high in dollars. and thankyou for your good luck wishes, i hope you're right! :)

Anonymous said...

interesting. i don't look at etsy as a cheap alternative to ... what? if i like something, i'll buy it at $120, whether it's on sale at etsy or someplace else. it's the item that should set the price, not its shelf. but i guess that's the nice theory. plus, i shouldn't talk, my current employer (my daughter) pays squat.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Lucie

I've been worrying, I think I gave you bad advice (I'm sure you're too smart to take it though). I should point out I don't know anything about pricing (but maybe you noticed?).

So I think I'll just add to the 'don't undersell yourself' faction, and prepare to join your other readers in the rush to your etsy shop as soon as it's open (and we Brits laugh at dollar prices at the moment).

Have a happy Sunday,


lu summers said...

ah, thankyou tutivillus, i'd hate to think that you were worrying! :)
the biggest tip i've taken on board is not to sell myself short, so don't worry! for every person that wouldn't buy my work at a certain price, there's another that is willing to pay more, that's the other interesting thing that has come out of this discussion! thanks for coming back to comment, it's really sweet of you. enjoy the rest of your weekend, i'm busy sorting out etsy pics! yay!