Wednesday 10 October 2007

swip, swep, swap

one of the best things i've done recently is take part in an etsy uk-ers swap. it was great fun, and everyone is a winner. organized brilliantly by charlotte, you had to list 3 things you loved, (colours etc) and 3 things you don't care for (in my case, dolls, clowns and anything frilly) and she had the task of matching you up with someone to swap $20 worth of your creativity with. i had to create something for kelly, who likes straight lines, things that are useful and autumnal colours but hates the colour pink. i made her a sketchbook and a couple of hand printed cards which you can view here. then this morning i received a package and it contained the beautiful photography of andrew, aka coldcell, of the rolling derbyshire landscape. lovely, many thanks, andrew! happiness all around.


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Martha Marshall said...

Good Lord! You are a busy artist. Your work is stunning. Thanks for the Etsy heart. I gave one back for sure!!

I have my eye on a couple of wonderful things.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that some of the photos are of the Buxton area - only a few miles from where I live?

Synchronicity - I love it.