Friday 23 November 2007

twinkle, twinkle

after being in an almost finished state for nearly a week, my stars for the holiday ornament swap. i'm not sure if these are meant to be a surprise for the people on my list, but hopefully they won't mind! i'm beginning to look forward to seeing what drops onto my doormat in the not-too-distant future and of course i'll keep you posted ;)
and alison, if you are reading this, i'm afraid i only got as far as cutting your stars out last night, to my eternal shame, the lure of 'i'm a celebrity' was too much and i was too distracted to concentrate...but i'll do them this weekend, i promise! :)


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Anonymous said...

I am reading this, and you are forgiven. But 'Celebrity'? I'd have wished for something more cerebral like 'Question Time'.

Am mightily looking forward to my stars - these are all so lovely. And dare I mention filthy lucre?

Anonymous said...

these are lovely! I hope you have kept some for your tree.