Tuesday 29 January 2008

mad busy

i've been super-busy this week with a deadline for a super-secret project...i'll tell you details and give you peeks at a later date. so now i'm at a weird loose end after a really frenetic few days...the kids are at school, i'm enjoying a bit of daytime tv and i'm waiting for ups to pick up the aforementioned super-secret artwork and whisk it away to it's new home.

in other events...yesterday, my mum unearthed her wedding pics and in amongst them was this amazing wedding greeting telegram from the 1970's. how gorgeous is the above illustration? so lovely. on closer inspection, it's a piece of work by albany wiseman, a well regarded watercolourist. i did a search and found out that he has illustrated a children's book called tommy atkins in the great war. i'm thinking this might tie in nicely to this weekend's trip to the imperial war museum with the boys...it's frank's choice, he's obsessed with london. the other thing he wants to do is visit the globe theatre. do i have another shakespeare on my hands?


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Anonymous said...

That wedding telegram illustration is gorgeous! Do you know anything more about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with London too, alas I've only been there once and only for one day! But I did get to Harrods, see a Beef Eater and stand outside Buckingham Palace.

Francesca said...

thank you for the sweetest comment you just left!

i love that illustration...right up my street. and i also love greenolive's comment above...made me smile.