Friday 1 February 2008

which colour?

droooool...look what i had waiting for me when i came home the other day? lots and lots of new gocco ink colours. i was so over-excited when i did my order i forgot a ton of other essential stuff like more racks and gocco cleaner. never mind, it's another excuse to spend more money i guess.

i've just finished a new design, this time funny little trees. i want this to be a two screen design, shown above, so fingers crossed it'll come out how i hope. will post the results, but probably not straight away, we're off for another weekend in ol' london town...see you next week!


style='clear: both;'
Unknown said...

Ooooh lots of lovely colours.

P.S. I never use racks, just spread everything out on my large kitchen table, and use baby oil to clean my screens ;)

Francesca said...

have a lovely time in town!
ps you sent me a blank email...didn't know if there was meant to be anything there or if it was just a technical mishap!

monda-loves said...

Hi there
Just a quick question, have you been able to find gocco supplies anywhere in the UK? and if so, can you tell me where