Tuesday 8 January 2008


this is another little glimpse at 'skyline', a piece of work i'm doing for an exhibition at ely cathedral. it looks a little like i've gone backwards from my last post, but i really have been diligently snipping envelopes and stitching away! there will be 40 of these squares (4 across and 10 down) which will be placed onto a grey background...it has changed a little in construction, my original plan was to do these in strips rather than squares, but when it came to stitching it looked terrible...i like the untrimmed threads in each square anyway, it's sort of become a bit of a trademark for me. anyway, back to grindstone, only 23 more squares to go ;)


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Anonymous said...

It looks divine, I love the subtleness of the colours, can't wait to see the other 23!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's some undertaking. Look forward to seeing it complete. You've made me look at envelopes in a whole new way.

sue bulmer said...

Love the composition, and also sharing your love on envelope insides!! They work great with my stitched work and are so easy to tear. Can't wait to see it finished.
Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna link you on my blogroll

Anonymous said...

where did you get all those envelopes with different patterns? Thanks goodness for creative graphic designers who saw the value in making different envelope patterns!

Francesca said...

blimey lady! look what you've been up to. this looks amazing.

p.s. not watching columbo...reading blogs instead. must work!