Sunday, 6 January 2008


i like the title of this new's all sort of, well, purposeful for the new year ahead.
i'm afraid i've had a price increase on my sketchbooks for several reasons, the main one being that they take me a long time to do. a lot longer than the £7.50 i was getting for them if that makes sense, and every one is a complete one off. but to counterbalance this price increase, i've added a ribbon bookmark, vintage ruled fly papers and a little envelope for important bits.
i still haven't opened my digital printer! my plan once it's up and running is to print my collaged sketchbook covers in a limited run of say 10 or 20 of each design...i feel this will help in further developing my plans to expand into wholesaling...i've had a fairly exciting enquiry, lots of to-ing and fro-ing with the buyer since way before christmas. can't say too much yet, but as soon as i can, i will.


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sue bulmer said...


Just found you on Etsy so thought I would stop by your blog, and was intrigued to find we have lots of the same fave blogs!! Just wanted to say that your books are lovely, and also I will stop by and visit again.

Anonymous said...

Bloody buyers... they can be such pains in the arse.

Happy new year!