Wednesday 20 February 2008


in direct contrast with last week, (which if you've read the last two posts, you'll know was a complete nightmare) this week has been pretty good so far. a large amount of last weeks misery was due to my generally sunny natured 2 year old son arthur turning into a completely uncontrollable monster. why? because he didn't want to wear clothes. which is kind of funny really. i'm sure when the pain and humiliation fades with time, i'll find it a hoot. but while it's still a little raw, it makes me shudder. it got so bad (screaming fits when i went near him with any form of clothing, practically strangling himself to undress when i eventually manhandled him into a tshirt...kicking out...hitting out...basically a small, snotty, red faced, bawling, angry young man with his willy out all day.) anyhoo, enough of all that, it's over and done with now, someone came in and took away that monster and replaced him with my sunny natured little fella. he keeps looking at me and saying "i'm so bappy with you mummy". which i'm taking to mean 'happy'. although i suppose it could mean 'crappy'. oh. i hope not.
anyway, this week i've been steadily working on the ely piece...the above pic is of 16 more pieces in their 'raw, just stitched' state. tomorrow i should finish it completely (if my mountboard order turns up) and i really want to try to get a good photo of the whole thing. if i manage it, i'll give you a nudge ;)
and actually, this day has just got a little better...i've just found out that 'cold case' is back tomorrow night for a new idea of tv bliss...ashes to ashes on beeb one, then turn over at 10 for some sitting-on-the-sofa-sleuthing. sad and pathetic? yep. bappy? totally.


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Esti said...

I look forward a picture of the whole thing.
The rebel in your son sounds familiar to me: when my two girls have gone through the very same state of rebellion my mom said that's the two-to-three teenager age. And although it sounded hilarious, when the turned three they happen to leave the rebels behind.

Francesca said...

maybe it's just my browser but i don't see a picture.

anyway, hilarious post...and i feel like i can say that as a mother of another 2 year old. glad things are better this week.