Wednesday 13 February 2008

face painting

i was asked to do face painting at a party frank was invited to on sunday. the mother of one of frank's had heard 'i was artistic' and they couldn't find a face painter anywhere, would i do it? of course i would! i quite like face painting although i'm not that marvellous at it...the left hand side of the faces are always better than the right, i always find. never mind, it was fun anyway. these little drawings were made so the kids could choose from 4 designs; any more choice and 1) it takes them forever to choose and 2) it was easier for me to get my head around just four designs. i went on the web for more face painting tips, and i found one i'd never have thought of; always check each child carefully for head lice before painting their faces. hmmmm. i'm afraid i was somewhat rubbish at that rule. if i'd found any, what could i have done? yelled at the top of my voice "YUCK! YOU'VE GOT NITS! GET AWAY FROM ME CHILD!" no, i didn't think so either.

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Esti said...

I'm always asked to paint children faces at parties, ever since the day I painted all of my daughter's friends' at her birthday party... And I almost do the same selection! Except for the puppy one, I replace that for a princess one, so the girls can pick one easy to do.
I must say I always have fun because that keeps me busy and away from some small talk with other parents I scarcely know.
Thanks for the idea of the little sampler drawings. It'll make it easier next time.